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Winter is not my favorite time of year. I like warmth, and although many might say Dallas doesn’t have a real winter, I still look forward to more pleasant temperatures. Besides, the return of balmier days is a signal that spring is coming, and with spring comes Resurrection.

Welcome to the Holy Season. Like winter turned to spring, it is a time of true paradox. We get excited over new life in Christ, but we must first reconcile our sin with the Savior’s death. We celebrate His body’s exchange for our eternity while we regret His heart’s ransom for our redemption.

It is a paradox with a purpose – our salvation, and His journey for our victory began at Gethsemane.

“Gethsemane”, the garden of pressing.

“’My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death’, he said to them.” ~Mark 14:34a

Gethsemane was where our Savior was afflicted before the lash of the cat-of-nine-tails, where He cried out before hanging between two thieves.

“And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.” ~Luke 22:44

Amongst the olive trees, Jesus grieved His sacrifice for you so profoundly that He sweat blood. That’s a sobering thought, isn’t it? That someone would be willing to suffer so greatly only because they love you so deeply.

Don’t miss the sacrifice. Jesus shed blood at Gethsemane and at the Cross - for you.

For whom will you shed blood?

Who do you know that needs a Resurrection?

It’s time to surrender to the call, to die to your flesh, your fear, your hesitations, and your doubts so that someone else might live. You have what it takes, so take action.

Your gift is anointed by the blood of Jesus. Use it.

Your story will lead someone to the Cross. Tell it.

Your love will help the lost find Heaven. Share it.

Words are my ministry, my place of surrender, my “Gethsemane” where I sweat it out in the Spirit. They push me beyond my comfort zone and force me to be transparent about God’s love for me and His expectations of me. For years, I ran from the struggle required of me, but I’ve learned that if one person can feel what I feel about God, can cry out “what must I do to be saved”, then the exchange of ink mixed with my tears is worth it.

A saved soul is worth my “blood on the page”.

This is a Holy Season. A Sacred Season. A season for sacrifice. A season for change.

This year don’t let the Resurrection lose its place in your heart to Easter eggs and new shoes. Take the sacrifice of Jesus more seriously. Take your sacrifice for Jesus more seriously. Set your mind towards the Cross TODAY. The personal paradox of your gift for His glory is an asset to the Kingdom. Appreciate the value the Savior put on your life by living it according to His will.

“Abba, Father,” he said, everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will but what you will.” ~ Mark 14:36

Don’t let His love be in vain.

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I feel convicted that I need to dig even deeper into God's Word to know the will for my life and what He wants to do through me.


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Phillipa Williams has dedicated her life to building God’s kingdom. A former programs director for new member and Christian education with over 36 years’ experience in leadership and discipleship, she has equipped thousands to serve God and community.

She is the Founder/CEO of GOD n Me International, a faith-based social enterprise equipping and inspiring others for spiritual intimacy, transparency, and destiny. Her blog,, was named one of the "Top 10 Black Christian Blogs, Websites, Newsletters To Follow in 2019“ by In Spring 2022, Phillipa published her first book, GOD 'n You: Finding Your Place in Forever. She also completed the licensing and ministerial requirements at the Potter's House School of Ministry in Dallas, Texas.

An advocate for women and children, Phillipa founded and serves as Executive Director of the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, ilooklikeLOVE, Inc.. ilooklikeLOVE works to eradicate early childhood poverty through diaper assistance and capacity building for new mothers.


She is the proud parent on one adult son, Kenneth.

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